Sometimes, even a Stylist needs a Stylist!

Lizzie is kind, compassionate and can see things for what they truly are. I had difficulties defining my own Style Identity - but Lizzie helped me unravel the red thread that links all my favourite things. I'm now crystal clear on my three style words and often smile to myself when I notice them in yet another item I surround myself with. Without Lizzie's help, I'd still be lacking that clarity - so I'll be eternally grateful. If you are still on the fence about booking her or not - do it! You won't regret the decision! 

Daisy Schubert  - Personal Stylist

Lizzie brings a unique blend of skill, individuality and intuition to her styling consultations that enables her work to impact at a far deeper level than just looks. Lizzie helps you to understand what your style is, gently shines a light on the areas you are struggling with and empowers you with the information and the confidence to make iterative change. I bought every package she offers having spent 35 years focused on everything but my style and ending up in a real rut and feeling like how I looked didn’t represent who I was. She helped me connect with my style, learn the fundamentals, got me up and running with a new capsule wardrobe and continues to support me regularly via her fab Instagram content and Facebook Group The Wardrobe. If you have been on the fence about using a stylist, take the plunge with Lizzie – you won’t regret it. I can honestly say she has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for what she has done for me. Thank you Lizzie.

Tracy James - Team & Leadership and Life Coach

“I visited Liz this evening for a Colour Analysis. I had such a lovely time learning all about the colours and tones that best suit me. Liz is extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and so passionate about her job. I have come away very excited to hit the shops with my swatches of "Autumn Deep" Thanks again Liz. You are a diamond."

Yasmine L, Make-up Artist and founder of Yasmine Aline MUA

“Clothes shopping was always something I've dreaded and finding clothes that suited me always seemed so difficult. Now, thanks to Lizzie's colour analysis and image consultation, I have a whole new enthusiasm for the process and choose clothes with confidence. The colour analysis process was very professional, whilst being really fun and relaxed. The advice given not only thought me the colours to pick, but also why and how they suit my personality and 'image'. The impact on my day to day life has been huge!! Thank you so much, Lizzie!"

Dr. James Spurr, Sports Engineer

“After having my 2 children I was stuck in a style rut and needed some inspiration to revitalise my work wardrobe. I used Lizzie's colour, style and wardrobe analysis services and am certainly inspired! Shopping for clothes had become a chore; it is now a pleasure as the colour analysis has opened up more colours to me, understand my personal style and we identified the gaps in my wardrobe. I feel so much more confident about my style and have received so many compliments. I highly recommend Lizzie's services."

Emma N, Senior Account Manager

"I was fortunate enough to be gifted a colour analysis session with Lizzie. Which I found really insightful and informative. I felt relaxed and comfortable during the session as Lizzie was calm, patient, friendly and knowledgeable. She really put me at ease from the very start of the session. I liked the fact it was in a quiet location and that the bay windows in the consultation room brought in lots of natural light. This made it really clear to see the colours as she was working through them with me. I am now looking forward to sorting through the clothes in my wardrobe with a very different perspective. Many Thanks Lizzie"

Emma S, Virtual Assistant

Lizzie was recommended to me by a friend and I contacted her in the early days of starting my new business following a career change and second maternity leave - all of which had left me feeling a bit lost in terms of my wardrobe. Lizzie worked with me on my signature style, wardrobe detox and styling, and personal shopping session - and I can't recommend her enough. Not just for her extensive knowledge and experience, her values-based approach, and her warmth and understanding as a fellow businesswoman and mum, but for her support since - both through her social media presence and speedy responses, and through her great Facebook group - The Wardrobe Members Group. I'm already working on my next excuse to work with Lizzie again.


Lizzie is truly amazing. I was wasting so much money on clothes with a wardrobe full of black and little to no idea of how creative with pattern and colour I could actually get away with. My wardrobe had become functional instead of fun!

I had an eye opening session with Lizzie where we discovered my 'style' then a wardrobe review and thorough clean out (so cathartic) followed by a great shopping session. I can now safely say I wear 99% of my wardrobe instead of 10%, I get compliments all the time and finally my clothes represent who I am. Who thought I would ever have a stylist - now my favourite phrase is 'I don't shop without my stylist' - get me!!


Dear Lizzie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the silver membership of your club! From inspiration i get from your emails, with styling tips and ideas, to the ease of messaging you with my charity shop finds and getting a kind but honest opinion, it has been so much fun getting back into my clothes! I used to be (I like to think!) very stylish, or rather, i really had my own style, and owned it and was confident in it, but after the last nearly 6 years of being pregnant and having two children, plus my job as a yoga teacher (always being in leggings and a sweat), I felt really lost as to what my own style actually was.


Your advice on what to wear for my shape was priceless, and the three hours spent over coffee, chats and realising my ’style personality’ was a massive eye opener and gave me so much more direction and gave me back my style. But then, the 3 hour wardrobe consultation was AMAZING. I thought I would be getting rid of most of the clothes in there but actually, you saved me a fortune in new clothes by making suggestions for different looks using my current pieces. I now don’t feel the need for new clothes, but am definitely going to be accessorising more on days when I am in my usual yoga pants and t-shirt! Thank you so much, you are amazing at your job and so good to work with!



A MASSIVE thank you to Lizzie for helping me get my style back!

After having two kids, a combination of post baby body, lack of confidence and lack of time for myself left me resorting to my comfys... and a very limited wardrobe.


I got stuck in the mindset of “I’ll work on a new wardrobe once I get my body back” but wearing the same clothes day in day out, that I didn’t like and didn’t feel good in, made it harder to motivate myself. Harder to look after myself!


As soon as I had my colour analysis with Lizzie, everything changed. I became OBSESSED with my new colour palette and actually excited to shop for new clothes, especially now I know what clothing styles suit my slim pear body shape, and how to accessorise to draw the eyes away from the thighs!


I am now slowly building up my wardrobe with items that I LOVE and feel happy in. I’m accessorising with jewellery (which I never did before) and I honestly feel so much more stylish and confident.


When I told my other half that I was signing up for the membership, he said “Why? You can just google your colours and body shape and work it out for yourself!”.


He may be right... but Lizzie can give me honest and friendly feedback and styling tips that I wouldn’t be able to give myself. Who doesn’t need someone in their life who would say “that outfit looks fine... but if you swapped this for this, that would look FANTASTIC!”.


Now I feel more confident in myself, I’m actually looking after myself more. Eating healthier, styling my hair, painting my nails... actually shaving my legs! 


So if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a bit of a style rut, I couldn’t recommend Lizzie and her monthly membership more!