How to wear spring's purples and blues

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The colours purple and blue are big news for Spring Summer 2020, specifically in ice cream shades. From the lightest of lilac to bright violet, from the palest cornflower blue to a hazy summer blue. Adding these colours to your summer clothing repertoire in silhouettes and shades that you love will bring an extra dimension to your outfits.

Use your natural skin colour to determine which shades suit you best. Are you better in lighter colours or more muted? Cool or warm? If in doubt hold the garment up to your face. Does your face brighten or become more sallow? Does the colour 'do nothing' to affect your skin tone or does your face look healthier?

Below I have rounded up some great pieces that are available at the moment - in February! As we move into Spring and Summer more pieces in these colours will become available.

Try teaming the colours with yellow and kahki for bolder looks.










Have I convinced you into the realms of blue and purple? Does anything pique your interest above?

How do you feel about the colours purple and blue?

Lizzie x

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