#BrandYourSelf2018 - A Personal Branding Day For Executives, Consultants & Business Owners

Updated: May 13, 2018

Q: Why should you care about your personal brand, and do you even have one?

A: Yes you do have a personal brand. Our personal brand is the experience others get from interacting with us. You can either brand yourself on purpose, or it can happen by accident. And so the experience you want to convey may not be the experience people get from you. To ensure business success a personal brand should be authentic and appropriate.

{ The Great House Lodge, Sonning }

{ L-R: Stephanie, Anna and me in the grounds of The Great House, Sonning }

{ L-R: me, Stephanie, Anna at the venue }

On Friday 23rd February 2018 Anna from Isanda Consulting, Stephanie from Summers Photography and I hosted our first workshop on personal branding at The Great House in Sonning. I am pleased to inform you that the day was a huge success and met our objectives of providing an informative, fun and practical workshop on creating a successful personal brand. We worked with a fabulous group of local business owners on uncovering and honing their personal brand. There were practical how-to's for online and offline success that our delegates could implement after the event.

{ Me welcoming our guests before the morning workshop }

Image, Style and Personal Brand.

Style isn't just about what you wear, it's about how you live. - Lily Pulitzer

This is my passion, my job and my wheelhouse and this is what I worked with our delegates on.

Prior to the event I collaborated with our delegates on their outfit choices. I focused on their personal values, personality, the business messages they wanted to convey and their business values. We discussed colour and clothing choices and what would make each of them stand out for the right reasons. We also discussed hair style, accessories, jewellery and makeup.

During the event I held the morning workshop discussing with our delegates what a personal brand is and how our image impacts on the experience others get from us. We talked about the power of personal branding, and discussed hugely successful people with authentic personal brands. Authenticity executed correctly really is the key to success. I discussed with our delegates how to use their image to power their personal brand and increase their confidence.

{ Chloe Leiboitz - Life Coach & Nutrition Advisor and Karen Rosser owner of boutique jewellery company Inspire My Soul }

Business Lifestyle Photography

After our morning workshop the business lifestyle photography sessions commenced with Stephanie from Summers Photography. The photography part of the day was designed for delegates to get stunning business photo's of themselves at our beautiful riverside location. These photos can be used for their online and offline business presence including on their website and on their social media channels.

Uncovering Your Signature Style

Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. Orson Welles

During the breakout session I worked with our delegates on their signature style personality. The session involved a short quiz and the creation of a style mood board. The purpose of this session was for the delegates to really understand, and possibly uncover for the first time, their unique signature style. Knowing our style, and seeing it visually, helps us feel more confident and more authentic; giving us a guide of sorts when we are curating our style uniform. It helps us edit our wardrobes to functional and beautiful-to-us pieces, and it helps us when we are out shopping; we are less likely to be tempted by something that doesn't complement our values.

Personal Branding Online

In the afternoon Anna from Isanda Consulting was at the helm running the workshop on the power and pitfalls of ones personal brand online. Anna coached our delegates on how to get the best from their personal brand focusing on the power of their online presence, and gave practical tips and insights in to creating an authentic and useful-to-the-customer experience.

The Art of Networking

During the final portion of the day Anna took us through some powerful tricks and tips for navigating a networking event and how to get the best from it.

You can read more about this event on Anna's blog here.

The next #BrandYourself workshop is on Friday 1st June. To find out more and to book tickets please click here.

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