How Many Clothes Should I Own?

Have you ever stopped to wonder if there is an ideal number of clothing to own to ensure maximum style satisfaction? As an image consultant it is a question that is always lurking at the back of my mind. Before I answer this question for you though I'd like you to cast your mind back to this morning when you opened your wardrobe; were you confronted with stuffed-to-the-rafters rails? Was it hard for you to see what you actually do have? Does it take you some time and effort to find something suitable and confidence boosting to wear in the mornings? Once you have chosen an outfit do you feel really great in it? Maybe the skirt or trousers need ironing? Maybe your skirt is tight and so you spend the day fidgeting with it? This impacts on confidence and body language, which then directly impacts how others perceive us.

Many of my clients spend large amounts of money on clothing. Our clothing should work with our personality, body shape, lifestyle and colouring. More often than not though the clothing is like a jigsaw puzzle that doesn't quite fit together, with not enough items pairing well with other items in the wardrobe. There is also items that don't fit well or that make my clients feel drab when they wear them. This is where I step in to review what's going on and how we can make appropriate changes for a confident style.

So what is a good number of clothes to own for a versatile, hard working and beautiful wardrobe? I'm sorry to say that there is no magic number. What I would say is that 35 items is very limited and around 50 items is usually enough to ensure that your clothes aren't being worn out too quickly whilst also giving you versatility with your outfits. Everything you own should go with at least another 3 items in your wardrobe.

All of your clothing should be comfortable, help with your confidence levels through sparking joy, and be appropriate to the occasion or setting.

I see, on a weekly basis, the sheer excess of clothing that is not wanted. Many of us don't know our style or what looks great on us. There seems to be this unwritten rule that shopping should be 'fun' but most of us shop without a purpose or a plan. Don't get me wrong shopping can be fun; when you do go with a plan of action or a personal stylist that has one, when you know your body shape, colouring and a list of brands and stores to visit that you are excited about. Otherwise, honestly it really is just stressful and frustrating.

Investing in learning about your colours, body shape, and style personality will save you time and money in both the medium and long term. Knowing this information boosts your self confidence and gives us all a new sense of purpose and direction. Authentic image is important for success, and with the way we look impacting our confidence levels and the way others see us, can we afford to not invest in 'Me Inc'?

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