How To Prepare Your Wardrobe Ready For Spring Summer

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

The weather is a bit all over the place isn't it? Not too long ago it was very hot, and a week before that it was freezing and I was wearing a bobble hat, thick socks and a big scarf and coat. The positive side to this up-and-down weather is this: it means that if you haven't had a chance to sort out your wardrobe ready for Spring/Summer 2018 then you still have time.

Here are my tips for getting your wardrobe in shape ready for the new season.

1. Keep only clothes that fit.

Clothes that are too small or too big ideally need to be either stored away, sold (if you no longer plan to wear them or you don't really like them), or taken to your local clothing bank /charity shop. I understand that you want to keep hold of clothes you may fit into again. For these items store them in vacuum bags and put them away labelled and neatly in storage; be that the attic, the cupboard or under the bed. If you don't have room to store these items then I want you to consider if you can afford to keep the clutter that is not currently serving a purpose, and is adding pressure to getting dressed.

2. Know your best colours

When you open your wardrobe do you find your clothing is all very similar colours - maybe you have a lot of blacks and greys? Would you like more colour options?

Think about having your colours analysed so that you can make the most of your unique colouring. Knowing your best colours will help with your confidence levels and honing your style uniform. It can make shopping easier and more cost effective as you will be buying colours that you love and suit you. It will also help you streamline your wardrobe and fill it with items that you love. To book a colour analysis with me click here.

3. Know your body shape and dress for the body you have now

Have you ever been shopping and tried on item in the changing room and nothing seemed to work, or very few pieces did? Did it leave you feeling frustrated, upset and well... a bit down? Did you blame your body shape? Did you blame your eating habits? A polite request: please stop body shaming yourself! Clothes from retailers are based on that retailers chosen model and then scaled up and down for different clothing sizes. What this means is that if that model gained or lost weight then the clothing sizes would probably fit her perfectly, but they are unlikely to fit you perfectly. As you may have deduced this means that in some shops a certain size may fit you, and in other shops that size may be too big or too small. Please remember this when you are out shopping.

Having your body shape analysed through a style consultation can further take the stress out of shopping and can help you understand how to dress successfully, happily and confidently. To read more about this service please click here.

As our body shapes are all different it is important for us to know certain aspects about our shape to assist us when we are shopping and editing our wardrobes. Things like:

- our outside line.*

- our body scale.

- our body proportion.

- our face shape.

From these factors we can determine what patterns, garment shapes, fabrics and accessories will truly suit us.

* The good news is that our outside line never changes regardless of whether we go up or down in dress sizes.

6. Know you style personality

Your style personality is the story and the messages you want to convey with your clothes. Knowing your style personality also helps you:

1. Develop your own signature style uniform

2. Organise your wardrobe

3. Add clothes to your wardrobe as you will veer towards items that suit you, your values and your lifestyle.

To learn more about Style Personality please click here.

4. Identify any gaps in your wardrobe

Which items are you missing from your wardrobe that you know need, or that you need more of? For me it is a light weight short kimono jacket that I can put over jeans and dresses to stop me burning in the sun. I'm very pale and even though I wear factor 50 sometimes I miss a bit and I want to look after my skin.

5. Dress for your lifestyle

How does your week breakdown? Are you in an office five days a week full time, or are you with the children for four days and working from home the other three days? The reason I ask is because in order to look truly stylish and have a wardrobe that sparks joy, your clothes should reflect your lifestyle.

How many of you have left the corporate world, or have found a change in your office dress code to smart-casual attire? Do you still find your wardrobe is full of black suits and shift dresses? This, for some, is an outdated look and does not align with who they are now and their lifestyle. Have a look in you wardrobe and decide which items are not meeting your requirements, and are not working hard to keep their place in your wardrobe.

6. Get the foundations (underwear) right

A bra that is too big or too small can ruin the overall affect of an outfit. That goes for knickers that do not fit too. Our underwear is the foundation/structure to our look, and can either make or break an outfit.

7. Set aside time to go through your wardrobe

Uncovering your signature style and having a wardrobe full of clothes you love and that are fit for purpose takes work. It's also fun too but please don't underestimate the time it takes to organise your wardrobe and ensure that it works for you. I would advise to block four hours out in your calendar and schedule the time to complete this task. You will reap so many benefits from having an organised wardrobe which includes saving you time and money.

To book a wardrobe session please click here.

8. Shop with a purpose and with ample time

Women in the UK tend to shop without purpose and without a plan. We are known to get a shopping high and to buy things because 'they'll do'. Ladies, if you are shopping this way please stop. It is a massive waste of time and money. If you follow the above pointers you will be able shop with confidence and with purpose. You will invest in your style, rather than the equivalent of throwing your money away, and you will be able to build a wardrobe that inspires you.

To book a personal shopping session please click here.

9. My Spring Buys Edit

Below I have curated a few on my top buys to get you started for Spring/Summer 2018. There is a mix of high street at a variety of price points.

I'd love to know what is on your summer wish list? What is your wardrobe missing?

How do you find shopping?

Let's talk.

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