The Power of Clothes Series with Anna from Isanda Consulting

This week kicks off a series on the blog called ‘The Power of Clothes’. I’ve asked influential women that I know to share a story about clothing items that they love and that they draw confidence from. In Anna’s case today it’s shoes.

Anna owns Isanda Consulting which specialises in business growth and development support for startups and SMEs, including business planning; funding applications; relationship building and social media.

Anna‘s story below about how she feels in her clothes will reasonate with many of you I am sure.

{ Anna in smart casual attire of white shirt and blue jeans }

I’ll pass you over to Anna to talk to you about her beautiful confidence inducing shoes.

I struggle with feeling confident in my outfit choices at the best of times, and while occasionally I think that I look 'nice', that's as far as it goes. However, the one item that always makes me smile, and hold my head that little bit higher is these shoes! My husband bought them for me on a visit to London before we got married, and I LOVE them! I even wore them on my wedding day, and I loved the surprised looks on our guests faces when they weren't the stereotypical white heels that everyone expected. Plus, they're sparkly (need I say more!). Sadly, they no longer fit me since I gave birth to our daughter. But she is a major girly girl and loves her sparkle, so I'll look forward to passing them on to her one day, and hope that she gets as much joy from them as I do.

Harrods Limited Edition Ruby Slippers Wizard of Oz Anniversary

{ Harrods Dorothy Shoes. Part of the Wizard of Oz collection }
Thank You Anna for sharing your story.

I'd love to know your thoughts. Please comment below:

Can you relate to how Anna feels about clothes?

Please share what clothing items, shoes or accessories spark joy and boost your confidence?

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