Why 2019 Will Be The Best Year Yet

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Happy new year folks!

Are you someone that has either resolutions or goals for the up coming year? Maybe you are someone that feels 'new year, same me?' Either answer is great - there's no wrong answer to this question.

For me, I believe that actionable goals are essential for our growth. I also believe in not settling for 'good' when 'great' is available to us. Sometime we settle for good because we are scared to go all in. This year I want to go all in with my life; from work, to family, to adventures and holidays, to charity and of course my style and wardrobe. Are you with me?

As the years pass our style changes and evolves.

Who are you today?

What are your personal values?

How can your image align with who you are so that there is consistency? Consistency is a huge factor in us trusting another.

For me I'm pairing back and my style is evolving to become more minimal. After years of being a maximalist. The current change is in part due to heading into my late 30's and so I know myself better than I have ever done, I'm secure with what I look like and who I am as a person. The climate change tipping point and being a mother have also had huge impacts on me, the way I think and subsequently my style. I've included some images of what's inspiring my style in 2019.

Have you created a mood board for this year? It's a great way to visualise the look and feel of your year to come. You can do a image and style one or may be create what you want 2019 to look like. Visuals are highly powerful in helping us get to our goals. You can find my 2019 Vision Board here. My look for the year is very natural, classic, effortless and paired back. I hope I've inspired you to create a board of your very own.

I'd love to know; how do you want your 2019 to look? And how do you want to look in 2019?

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