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This beautiful and immersive session can be done over video conferencing or at my home studio.


Open up to a world of colour, and colours that meet your personality and lifestyle requirements.


Did you know you can wear 25% of the worlds colours? Discover your season or tone in colour analysis using coloured drapes.


The session will open you up to colours you may have never considered.


Complimentary colours and jewellery worn close to the face can make our eyes sparkle, reduce redness and sallowness in our skin, give us a radiant glow and elongate our neck and create a beautifully defined jaw. However, if we get our colours wrong they can do the opposite


. Learn which colour shades are best for you and why. Investigate which colours don't work for you.


Also, discover the best hair colours and make up for your unique skin, hair and eye colouring.


After the session you will receive a style file and colour swatch to start you off on your style journey.


Sessions can be taken in person or online.

Colour Analysis Gift Voucher

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