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Shopping can be fun and stress free. I promise. Working with Lizzie means she will do the hard work and prep for you before you hit the shops. During the session Lizzie will work with you to show you how to take an outfit from just OK to fantastic.


During the personal shopping session Lizzie will introduce you to stores that suit your personality, lifestyle, bodyshape, colouring and that are appropriate for the situtations you are buying for.


Prior to the session I will have hand selected items for you to try on. Once in the changing room we will talk about how the items make you feel, and why the colours suit you. You will come away with beautiful, wearable and multifaceted items that you will want to wear again. Our session will help you to shop smarter.


In our experience we women tend to impulse shop but we need to think about dressing for the present – for the size we are now, for the job we’re in now and for the life we have now. It’s a process of streamlining and getting rid of some past negativity before we add anything new. We also need to change our attitudes about how we shop as ¾ of us shop just for the thrill of it rather than because we need something.


We will help you build a wardrobe that works for you during our shopping sessions.



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