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The Style Personality Consultation truly feels magical. It can take place at my style studio or can be conducted over Zoom. The session takes approximately 2 hours. In this session we find out who you are - what your style essence is for who are now. We do this in the following ways:


1. Identify your broad style personality type.

2. Deep dive into how to dress with your style personality, your job and your values in mind.

3. The creation of a style moodboard with styling advice after it is completed.

4. A boutique and retailers list of where to find your style of clothing.

5. A style file after the session containing all of the information covered during the consultation.


After the session you have opportunities to gain discounts on a personal branding photography session with a hugely talented and experienced photographer that we work closely with. You also have the chance to gain access to a 6 month subscription to Vogue or Red Magazine.

Style Personality Gift Voucher

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