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4 hours.


During this session you and I invest some time is sorting through your wardrobe. We take every single item out of your wardrobe and put it in piles. Using three markers – have I worn it this year? Does it wash well? Does it go with at least three other things in my wardrobe? We take anything that doesn’t fit the bill to charity or we sell it.


We work together to focus your wardrobe around your needs and usage – are you at work 5 days a week and running around with the children at the weekends with a night out once week? Your wardrobe contents should reflect your lifestyle.


After the session we choose what you should add to your wardrobe. There is a style uniform that works for you. It’s an editing process. And as you become more certain of your own vision of what that looks like, your own taste and your own style, you end up in clothes that look amazing and feel authentic.


A great reason for a curated wardrobe that works hard for you is time. Whether you go to work or are a stay at home mum you still need to leave the house on time. New research in decision fatigue shows that the more choices being thrown at us, the more our brains search for shortcuts so it makes perfect sense that we seek out our own fashion uniform. Even Barack Obama has said: “I only wear grey or blue suits… I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m wearing, I have too many other decisions to make.”


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