Style Consultation with face and body mapping



Discover how to get the most from your face and body shape in this immersive, transformative and fun style session.


The benefits of the Style Consultation:

  1. Boost your confidence when getting dressed and building your outfits.

  2. Save time getting dressed in the morning as you hone in on clothing in your wardrobe that is perfect for your body shape, mood and what you are doing that day.

  3. Easy, efficient and fun shopping sessions. By knowing the clothing and accessories that work for you shopping will become easier, quicker and you will find more joy from it.

  4. Over time curate the perfect pieces to put into your wardrobe.

What happens in the style consultation?

Dress for comfort, joy and impact by getting to know your body shape.


During this immersive and transformation session, we analyse your face and body shape using two processes: Body and face shape mapping and by taking measurements. By doing both we ensure we have the most accurate shapes for your body and face.

We look at the lines, scale and proportion of your body and I demonstrate how you can get the best from your body shape by knowing what these words mean and how they relate to dressing your shape.



We troubleshoot any body area's that make you feel less than confident and I show you how to dress these areas for maximum confidence and comfort.

I demonstrate the best clothing styles for your shape including:

  1. The best fabrics for you. We will look at thickness and material for your shape, line, scale and proportion

  2. The best patterns and print for your shape, line, scale and proportion

  3. The best jewellery for your face shape, style essence and lifestyle.

  4. The best hairstyles for your face shape, style essence and image goals.

  5. The best glasses for your face shape, scale and proportion

  6. The best handbags for your style essence, lifestyle and body shape.

  7. The best undergarments to make the most of your shape