Style Personality Consultation
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Uncover your style personality

For beautiful style with longevity

Would you like to discover how to dress for who you are today?

Would you like your image to reflect your personality, lifestyle and goals?

Would you like to dress for success?

​This session is a great place to discover how to align your outward image with who you are and what you want. You will start to uncover your authentic style.

The Style Personality consultation sets the groundwork for dressing successfully.


Sometimes, even a Stylist needs a Stylist!

Lizzie is kind, compassionate and can see things for what they truly are. I had difficulties defining my own Style Identity - but Lizzie helped me unravel the red thread that links all my favourite things.


I'm now crystal clear on my three style words and often smile to myself when I notice them in yet another item I surround myself with.


Without Lizzie's help, I'd still be lacking that clarity - so I'll be eternally grateful.


If you are still on the fence about booking her or not - do it! You won't regret the decision! 

What's included in the session?

Style Personality