Wardrobe Consultation with outfit building & styling

What to expect from the wardrobe consultation


Before the session we will talke= a look at your style personality, lifestyle, body shape, colouring, goals and clothing objectives to ensure that moving forward your wardrobe works hard for you.


My aim is to help you curate a wardrobe full of clothing and accessories that work together and can be mixed and matched.

Clothing and accessories that can be dialed up and dialed down depending on the occasion.

Clothes that are comfortable, that look great and feel great. Clothes that feel like the true embodiment of you.

Sort & organise all clothing & accessories

During the wardrobe consultation we go through all of your clothing looking at what you love, what you haven't ever worn, what still has the tags on, what you don't like, what no longer fit, suits your lifestyle and what you are unsure  about.

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try on all clothing & accessories

We try all the clothes on and putting in into categories include:




Not this season

Event wear



Clothing bank


We then discuss as together what is the best thing to do with each item

Outfit build and style all clothes & accessories that are being kept

We create outfits from the clothing that you are keeping.


I take photographs of you in your complete outfits and send them to you in a lookbook after the session.

We then organise the clothes in your wardrobe so that clothes are easy for you to find and ready for you to build outfits from.

Clothing storage:

I talk you through the best hangers and how to fold items beautifully.

Is this you?

Do you have items that are too small for you in your wardrobe? How about too big?

Have you ever had one of those days where you truly dislike everything in your wardrobe?


I know I have and I'm sure many of you have too.

Our wardrobes can make us frustrated, can't they? If you have ever opened your wardrobe and panicked about the fact you have nothing to wear I get it. Before you know it you are throwing every item of clothing on the floor and getting frustrated at your jeans because you cannot find a single outfit that makes you feel good. As the minute’s tick closer to having to be out the door in the morning it seems perfectly ok to throw the shoes you once loved at the nearest window.

The Wardrobe Consultation is 4 hours long.

The session includes a style and wardrobe booklet to make the most of your style, body shape and wardrobe.